Finding Motivation in Reviews

Hello all nice WKers,
Sometimes I find myself in the middle of a review and bored / burnt out as heck. Do you have any suggestions as how to keep motivated?

As opposed to… you know… just working through it. I’m lazy and grit takes effort :stuck_out_tongue:



Sometimes I pretend a assassin hired by wanikani has my family at gun point and will do them in if I dont do my reviews on time. It works sometimes :man_shrugging:


I’m a pretty competitive person, and sometimes I’ll put on music and then try to see how many reviews I can finish before the song ends. I’ve found I can get through huge chunks of reviews if I just gamify it into 3-5 min intervals.

I do reviews based on if I can recognize/read it in 5 secs max though, so they are speedy. This style may not work if you don’t study that way…


Take a break. You want to keep up with your reviews, but that doesn’t mean you have to grind through dozens (or hundreds!) in one sitting.

If you find you’re getting bored, make a note of how long you’ve been working, then go do something else for fifteen minutes. When you come back, set a timer for five or ten minutes less than your previous work interval.


Doing anything is better than doing nothing. If you only do 10 at a time, that’s progress. Slow progress, but progress nonetheless.


If you get bored during the review then maybe you review too many items at once?
I haven`t had a review of more than ~60 items so far. I do them 2 times per day, ~30-60 items each. I find it not too many for me to get tired in one sitting.


Been on the struggle bus myself lately with my reviews.

Finally started to chip into the 500+ reviews I have… :tired_face:


Do you use your knowledge in the wild?

Sometimes you just gotta take a big swig of Jack Daniels and go at it


Can vouch for its effectiveness. Never had a problem with duolingo.


Alternatively, maybe this will help you.


Also may help you to do reviews more frequently if you dont already and have the time to. I know on my days off work my reviews can stack up and quickly get over 100 and I hate a big pile of reviews. My % correct is lower with those and like you I just want to be done with it when I’m only half way

I keep wani kani in a separate tab of the browser and do 10-30 each time I alt-tab between windows, grab a water, basically anything. This way I don’t bore myself to death and don’t lose a progress.

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I agree. Disregarding how you feel and chalking it up to “just being lazy” is fairly harmful to your self image especially when you’re already trying your best. No one is able to study without breaks.

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When possible, meaning rarely. :slight_smile:

Unfortunately, that isn’t really an option. :sweat_smile:

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