HELP! I need any sort of motivation related to Kanji review

My life is a mess right now, WaniKani was one of things that was effected by this disorganization. Therefore, I’m worried and I’m afraid I don’t find motivation on doing reviews anymore.

First of all, I got sick for about a week and this made my reviews stack on 200 reviews per day(average). Due to the disease I couldn’t proceed doing the reviews because I was feeling tired and overwhelmed by it.

Now I’m almost 100% recovered but I’m used to procrastinating and choosing anything instead of studying!!! maybe I’m using the disease as an excuse, but, anyways, I don’t like it and I’m trying to change…

Does anyone have any piece of advice for me?


Well, I just found this a few minutes ago:
Maybe seeing a clear goal will help with your motivation.

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That’s a good idea.

Would you mind telling me your goal?

haha, well, without getting into any existential goals, my goal is to finish this here thing by sometime in spring 2023!

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I thought people in here would always try to be as fast as possible, but I guess I’m wrong.

Why do you think you’re going to finish WK by 2023 and not in 2022?

In the words of Shia Labeouf: します!


Personally I’m just not in any rush, I don’t live in Japan, and I’m doing this just for kicks. I think trying to go faster would increase the chance of a burnout. Everyone’s situation is different I suppose.


I don’t get it, sorry…
could you explain yourself?

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It’s about this video :slight_smile:


This is making me think about my pace here, maybe I’m thinking too much the money I’ll spend here if I stay slow on reviews

It’s the first time I see this video, thank you!

I prefer ripping off the band-aid, but it’s fine to just do what you can and slow down a bit. Just do yourself a favor and visit and look at all those pretty stats. You’ve probably done tens of thousands of reviews by now. Makes the current review pile seem a bit small, right? Like I said, do what you can and it’ll even out a bit. You’ve already made it past the major dropout points for new users, I’m sure you’ll be fine in the long run. Just keep at it piece by piece.

If you’re finding it hard to concentrate I’d recommend sticking to 25 minute long review sessions (at the longest) until you’re feeling better. Edit: I had some issues in the past and my therapist recommended doing 10 minute sessions of whatever I was doing to start. Highly recommend keeping it simple and light.


Thanks for posting the wkstats link, I saw people people post screenshots of that on here but I could never find the actual link.

Every time you 0 out your reviews an angel gets its wings… or a demon its horns.

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Buy a calendar. Nail it to your wall. Every day you you do at least 100 reviews or until none are left, put a big red X through that day. Every day you finish all your reviews that are due, treat yourself to something special.

Stop doing lessons until you have a nice long streak of X’s. Once you have one about two or three weeks long, you’ll have formed a habit.

Now you can do more lessons.

Problem solved.


Tanuki style.

Do as many reviews as you can. Vacation mode. Many reviews as you can. Vacation mode.

Not the best. Will work

It depends on what disease you had. Sometimes it takes a while for the body to recover even if you don’t have symptoms anymore.
If you didn’t feel overwhelmed by the reviews before maybe the best thing is to go on vacation mode for a while and start again when you are really recovered.



thx, I’ll do it.
I remember seeing this sollution on a youtube video, btw, but you actually renewed my memorie about it.

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This is illegal!! :exploding_head:
just kidding… maybe I’ll do it when I can’t put up with the amount of reviews.

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