Electronic Dictionary/電子辞書

Hi! I want to get an electronic dictionary, but I’m not sure how to find a good one. I’ve looked through all of the topics on electronic dictionaries, but none of them are very recent. I was wondering what kind of specifications I should look for?

i’ll be honest, i bought one back when i started my studies and i haven’t used it as my phone pretty much does it all. If you want a second hand one and are in England - it hasn’t been used really! I am happy to sell it for cheap - then you can get an idea if you like them. No worries if not though!

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I agree. They used to be invaluable, but with smartphones now, you can do everything an electronic dictionary can without having to haul around yet another device. The only real use now is if you’re in a class that has a strict no phone policy.


This is indeed the problem now. I’m in Japan, taking Japanese classes, and we’re only allowed to use an electronic dictionary. In addition, I would like to get the NHK pronunciation dictionary that’s often included on the denshi.

@Hamigakiko thank you so much for the offer, but unfortunately I’m in Japan right now…

I’ve never used one, so I can’t recommend one, but I did a quick amazon search:


Maybe you can ask your teacher or classmates for recommendations?

Ah, in that case, I definitely recommend one that can be charged via usb rather than replaceable batteries. I think touch screens are standard on them all now, but if they’re not, touch screen is very useful.

I have a Sharp Brain, and it’s pretty good, but one thing I don’t like is the lack of handwriting pad on my model. It’s a bit annoying trying to write kanji you don’t know on the actual screen with the keyboard getting in the way of your hand. If I were in the market to buy again, I’d want a handwriting pad on the bottom. It comes in pink though, so that’s a major plus :slight_smile:

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No worries :slight_smile: good luck!

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Thank you for your elaborate answer!! I hadn’t thought about the charging and batteries before, so I’ll definitely take that into consideration.

Right now I’m trying out some different models that my friends own, but since they are Japanese, their purpose of using it is very different and they can’t help me with specific japanese-learning questions.

I’m trying to find a secondhand one now, so unfortunately I can’t select the color, otherwise, yes pink (or lightblue lol)

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