E-book reader app with unlimited highlight - Any recommendations?

Currently I use Bookwalker. Things like light novels allow max 50 highlights, while manga can’t be highlighted at all (only bookmarking pages).

I plan to highlight vocabularies and phrases as I go, and no need to clear highlights. Not necessarily that I would study my highlights intensively, on the same day (or never at all), either.

I can’t get Kindle to work at all, while Honto and Booklive probably work. I haven’t looked into Kobo, which I can indeed install.

This is still not including very long articles I found elsewhere, and just copy in.

I expect to read on Android tablet and smartphone, and the page can be flipped (rather than a long downward scroll). So, sync is a plus. (It’s very unlikely that I would use a laptop to read extensively.)


The Android Kindle app does work for me, but is often so finicky on the press-drag to highlight it’s not worth it. You can export Kindle highlights, too, but sometimes there is a limit to how many get exported. Were you having trouble getting Kindle set up at all or is just the highlight not working for you?

If you are open to an alternative for PC, I have been loving the Weava Highlighter for online articles (also works for online PDFs). Unfortunately they have an iOS app but not an Android one currently and the add-on only works in Chrome (Firefox is my preferred browser), but it’s still awesome and I’d highly recommend it!

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