Kindle notes/highlights website can't display highlighted content

Does anyone use the kindle notes/highlights website to review what they’ve highlighted when reading? Specifically When reading 本好き, I occasionally get the message “Sorry, we’re unable to display this type of content” with English setting (“申し訳ありませんが、この形式のコンテンツは表示できません” with Japanese setting). But now reading 夜市 it’s happening almost all the time. Does anyone know what’s going on? I can’t find a pattern for when or why this happens. I’d ask Amazon customer service, but their options are phone or chat, so… pass. :sweat_smile:

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Nope but I’m getting the same thing. Personally I just use the kindle app on my PC to read and you can look through all your notes on there no problem. Same with my phone.

Not a solution, but an alternative to look at your notes for whatever device you’re on.

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The problem with using a kindle app is that it’ll confuse my progress and then I get popups on my actual kindle asking if I want to go to the last location. Not that that’s a big deal. Also, by using the website I can use Yomichan to easily check if words are common and stuff like that. I didn’t think of using the kindle app on my computer though, which is a better option than going through them again on my kindle or phone at least. So I might have to fall back to that if necessary.

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Yeah thats a bit of a pain. Now, this would only be worth it if you did a lot of stuff, but theres another alternative: You can just click the export button and that will allow you to open it up in your browser so you can use yomichan/rikaikun. That won’t change progress or anything, but i mean itll be like an extra step.

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That’s true. I’ve done that a few times as well. Usually I don’t because I’m going through the notes as I’m reading and don’t want to have to export several times, and I like to clear the notes when I’m done with them. But it’s certainly a good alternative when I run into books that have this error a lot. Thanks for the reminder!

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I’m not a Kindle user so I’m not sure if I understand the problem, but did you consider using services like or

I’ll check them out and see if they can help. Thanks. :slight_smile:

Ugh, this has only gotten worse. The only series this was working properly for (本好きの下剋上) is also now not working with the volume I’m currently reading. This is so frustrating.

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Do they explicitly state that it’s Japanese only? Maybe you can also chat with them in English. (E.g. I had a few conversations with the BookWalker support in English, so there are companies that are aware of the outside world…)

Amazon does have English customer service, but I’ve only even contacted them via email. I’m not sure exactly how it works with chat.

I’m also slightly concerned that if I contact them they’ll lock my account since I’m “technically” breaking the rules for getting digital content outside of Japan.

Oh, I did not know that is Amazon’s rule. Well then I agree, better not stir up anything :sweat_smile:

Yeah, that’s why you have to put in a random Japanese address and use a VPN for a few purchases, to “convince” the system that you’re from Japan. :sweat_smile:

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I can relate to that :stuck_out_tongue: I hope I’ll never have to contact them about anything, because I’m afraid about bringing too much attention to my account.
(About the topic issue - unfortunately, I’m not using this feature, I didn’t even know it existed :woman_shrugging:)

Not much of a loss given how buggy it is!

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if it’s any consolation, i’ve started loosing notes too Screenshot_2021-02-18 Kindle Your Notes and Highlights

Are you braver than I am and planning to report it? :slight_smile:

i can do that, but kindle’s support doesn’t generally do much more than tell you to “refresh” your kindle

I see. I might try asking on the US Amazon support since it’s all the same code anyway.

but are your highlights very small? like kanji or words?