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I posted this in Campfire, but I thought I’d post it here in reading as well. Let me know and I can take it down if doubleposting isn’t allowed.

I’m a translator for a company in Japan and I’m offering English classes to my coworkers. To go along with that, I started a blog that’s a combination of study methods and interesting places, foods, and customs in the wide world.

Each article is posted in both English and Japanese, so I thought maybe it could serve as reading practice for learners. I write the English version of an article and then I write the Japanese based on the English. It’s not always a direct translation, as sometimes more explanation is needed in Japanese, but that’s something to be learned from as well maybe. I only just started the blog a couple weeks ago so there aren’t many posts yet, but I want to add at least one per week. You can leave comments in English or Japanese beneath each article and we can learn together there too!

Here’s the link. It’s tentatively titled “English with Daily.” 15 Please check it out if your interest is piqued! :3


Your blog is amazing!
It says on the forum rules page that double posting will get your account banned so you might want to take the other one down. Or this one. :slightly_smiling_face:

lol good to know. Is there a way to cross post? Like have one post show up in multiple topics?

Not that I’m aware of since you’re only allowed to assign one topic to each post.

Sad day. I’ll keep this up for an hour or so and then delete it. Thanks for letting me know!

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