Dragging levels out as long as possible because of college

I have a 25 page paper I am working on, so I have been refusing to do lessons and just doing reviews every other day since currently the school work I have is more important.
Anyone else doing the same, I believe in you and you’ll get past classes and back to studying things you enjoy. (Not that my major isn’t enjoyable, but self study is sometimes much more enjoyable than school study.)

Good luck with the final stretch this semester! Keep on WK, even if only a little bit!


I’m working on my thesis right now but I still have other classes (including Japanese) as well and I’m basically dying from exhaustion :joy: I’ve been trying to do some lessons too on WK but lately it’s been really overwhelming…maybe I will do the same as you and just do reviews!



turn on vacation mode

if you avoid doing reviews you might end up with 700 in queue and seeing so many takes the joy of doing reviews and the queue won’t become zero

I’m in my last year of Uni and I have to write between 40 and 50 pages as my BA while also attending classes and doing assignments, so needless to say, it’s quite difficult to fit studying Japanese in my schedule sometimes. Even so, I try to do my reviews every day, but when it comes to lessons, I’m not really touching those because it’s harder than usual to memorise something new when school puts so much pressure on me. When WK tells me that I need to wait 10+ hours for the next reviews, though, I do some lessons, because I don’t want to progress that slowly, but then, when these lessons become reviews themselves, I fail them at least three times, which feels pretty bad. Failure is what I use to improve and progress, however, so, at the end of the day, it’s not bad when I mess up, but it’s still frustrating that I end up failing more than usual.

Anyway, good luck on your paper! 頑張って!


Wouldn’t it be more cost-effective if you buy lifetime at this point?

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I also have a lot on my plate at the moment so I’m trying to stall new kanji as well. The reorder script lets me prioritise vocab lessons and reviews.
I just got back into Wanikani after loooooong break so I need to re-build a routine and I find vocab easier than kanji. It doesn’t really matter if it takes me longer to level up… after being idle for almost three years what’s another few weeks here and there…
Good luck with your paper!

I’m certainly glad I did back then :wink:

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I found out about lifetime a little later than I would like and based on how long it takes me per level, even postponing this semester I would still only break even with getting the lifetime, so its easier just to not worry and take it in smaller chunks, since I only just got my job back after being away for a few months. If I had the spare money in January, I would have in a heartbeat for the New Year Deal.

Welp, you guys are further than me. I am two classes away from finishing my Sophomore year working on a BS in mathematics. Working 50 - 60 hours a week going to school part time. This semester I am taking modern physics, which includes a lab section. So, I’ve been doing reviews and lessons when ever I can. Just saying, I’ve been on level 17 for about 2 months now. Should be leveling up in about weeks though. Just trying to do what I can. Any progress is good progress in my book. :sweat_smile::exploding_head::+1:

Any progress it good progress! I actually managed to knock out most the rest of my dissertation this week cause I got hit with motivation and ideas at the same time (which is very rare for me with writing papers). Keep it up! Only a few more weeks of class and then you can focus on Japanese a bit more. Just keep it always there while you get through school, even if you do a single level in an entire semester, progress is progress!

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