Done! Training 59 (! ! started at 328!) apprentice turtles ~ A review log

Kimera’s Training Regimen:

Goal: 80 Apprentices (20 at each of the 4 levels)


Daily routine:

  1. Climb a mountain at dawn
  2. Finish all Guru and higher reviews.
  3. Get at least 10 correct answers. (This might increase if my % accuracy is less awful than I think it is) Switching to 20 reviews/day unless accuracy drops below 50%, it’s a bit simpler.
  4. Stop and read the mnemonic every time I get an item wrong.
  5. Use BishBashBosh to prod the failed apprentices after each session.

Milestones (will add dates when they’re reached)
Apprentice IV < 20 turtles - Sept 16
Apprentice III < 20 turtles (try to keep IV under 40 or so) - Oct 2 (or possibly earlier?)
Apprentice II < 20 turtles (try to keep III and IV under 40) - Oct 2
Take a break to clean the leeches out of the turtle pens
Apprentice I < 20 turtles (try to keep the others under 40)
Zero reviews!
Turtle final exams, get II-IV back down to 20 each.