Does wanikani have voiced vocab after level 4?

I’ve go two whole lessons with the vocabulary cards saying “audio is not available”. Is this recurrent or is it because those lessons have vocabulary with was recently added?

It’s just because it’s new vocabulary. They’re currently rolling out some new vocab items every week which don’t have audio yet


Like latepotato said, Wanikani is currently adding some words here and there (audio will be added later). Currently, only 14 words out of 6372 total words do not have audio, so it’s all good :slight_smile:


Many thanks to both you. I have no more queries.


There’s at least 15. The 14 added in the past 2 weeks and 絞める
Trying to remember if there were more vocabs without sound, but can’t think of any currently.
Doesn’t change the conclusion of course.

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