Audio not available


Link. Apologies if this was mentioned already. I tried searching forums but didn’t find anything. Is this normal?

Some (very few) vocabulary items don’t have audio (yet?). Noted in the official post about the audio update last year.


Some items are missing audio because there was an issue with the audio


Wups sorry. Thanks for correcting me.RainbowPls

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There have also been times when they added readings, so you weren’t wrong


Is this normal for long stretches of vocab to not have any audio? I’m asking because I just had 10 items in a row with “no audio available.” If it’s “rare” as seems to be suggested, I would think it would just be one here and one there.

Is it possible I’m running into technical issues?


Edit: I just got one with audio, so I suppose it was just unlucky.

They recently (like, yesterday, I think) added some new vocab to the lower levels, and those vocab don’t have audio yet as far as I know. You might have just gotten your fill of vocab from levels lower than yours? So please check again next time and see if you still get vocab without audio.

Here is some more info: May 7 2021 Content Updates


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