Does this ever happen to you?

In many cases, remembering the reading is about pattern recognition. If you are generally good with pattern recognition, it’s not surprising that you’d be better at that. (It’s certainly the case for me.)

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Im experiencing that right now : /

That can happen. Our brain is trying to build neuron connections between things and it has to piece together what your eye sees, the meaning, readings, grammar and other related information.

Sometimes we forget and takes more studying to create stronger connections. The more you use it the stronger the connection becomes. SRS is also a method to help this process.

This is how mnemonics work too, your brain doesn’t like learning random facts, but if you connect what you learned to something you already know it builds a stronger connection and soon you will forget the original mnemonic but you will have a web of information of that kanji and Japanese in general it will connect to. This really applies to anything, math, history, sports, etc.

Hope this was some useful information for you, even though is kind of a rant lol.

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What does Brian have against learning random facts? :thinking:


Your edit still says brian…

Peshh, I really should just put in my profile." I suck at spelling I know lol"

Or remember the meaning in a second language, as is the case for many users

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Well at least we all know you call you brain brian…


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