[Poll but not POLL] I effed up my last review(s) due to:

  • Slippy fingers
  • Blissfully on an autopilot
  • Is it really my fault that 休 looks a bit like 体?
  • 訓読み in lieu of 音読み and vice versa
  • Not sure if I’ve ever learned that one?
  • Stuck in a mnemonic glitch… こういち… 何だろう… しまった!
  • General brain fart
  • Flat out don’t remember
  • Please don’t talk to me until I’m LVL60.

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  • weird mobile Japanese entry glitches (女 -> オんな, for some reason my phone has all kinds of trouble with that word)
  • not realising that びいだま is not acceptable for びーだま as a reading
  • not looking at the screen and realising it wanted a reading and not a meaning (maybe under “blissfully on autopilot”)
  • expecting to see one word and getting another word, but my brain refusing to play along
  • “Kanji reading” and “vocabulary reading” want different readings and I got as far as “reading” before starting to type

Often, I have to do WK at night where my brain’s a mush due to whole day of work and school, so visually similar kanji gets mixed up and I can just facepalm :weary:


By far the thing that has gotten me the worse since the mid-upper 20’s are the burn reviews. And legitimately knowing the meaning of something, or how it’s typically used in words, but not remembering the exact way WaniKani expects the answer.

When you don’t see a card for months, it’s easy to forget “oh, that’s how it wanted it.”

Assuming someone is a native English speaker, there are a lot of synonyms for something you might think of that WaniKani doesn’t have by default. Or, synonyms that you might for example see on Jisho.org that aren’t on WaniKani.

I definitely encourage people to put in user synonyms early on. Like, “what are all the possible ways I might think of an analogous meaning several months from now.”


totally seconding this!

I feel you!

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This is not the POLL thread, it’s a poll thread :sweat_smile:

Question: [POLL] I effed up my last review(s) due to
Answer: @Borx




Hi! :wave:

There was no other option that fit, and @noisecancelling is evil evil for making me vote to see the results.


Yeah, I’ve lost count how many times I’ve typed “to inspect” when WK wanted “to examine” and vice-versa…

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“〜人” as a vocabulary reading specifically wants "〜にん” and not "〜じん”. Which, given that the same wave of vocabulary includes things like "アメリカ人”、seems a pretty harsh way to get bumped back down to Apprentice.

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yup, and then there’s 人々!

At least that one is unambiguous, there’s only one correct reading! The other one is a matter of remembering which correct reading this vocabulary entry refers to, which I will now. But still :stuck_out_tongue:

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My 体 needs a 休 after dealing with all these similar kanji :stuck_out_tongue:



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