Does KaniWani test Kanji?

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Does KaniWani test Kanji or is it just vocab?


Just vocabulary. But because some words are made up of two kanji and some only one, you often still have to remember both readings.

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KaniWani only tests vocab

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I misread that as WaniKani and was confused.


Yeah that’s definitely right. I wonder why they didn’t include the kanji on their own?

you should try kanesame

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I think it’s because a lot of kanji have multiple readings so it’s hard to pick one as correct without context. Using vocabulary still tests if you know the kanji, and it gives you the context you need to come up with a single correct answer.


I also recommend kamesame. Lot of freedom with it, but it has the familiar format of wanikani.

I use Kamesame as a supplement to Wanikani and it works well for production. Would recommend. Note that for Kamesame I do have recognition turned off as Wanikani does that for me, and only have production on.

I’ve given KameSame a small go and wasn’t that impressed with it; i.e. there is no automatic change to kana when typing…

Yeah maybe too much vagueness, I don’t know. I’ve found with KW that it does get a bit frustrating when there are various readings for the same word, and you can put in the “right” thing and be wrong. I know you can add ‘clues’ to the synonyms in WK that then show up in KW, but I couldn’t be bothered :slight_smile:

Also, I’ve been doing my KW reviews religiously for 12 levels, but the amount of reviews was getting out of hand lately. So I’ve chopped everything back and am now just testing myself on current guru words. I don’t know how that will go, but I couldn’t cope with the amount otherwise esp now I am back at work. The key to all this language learning is to keep it at a level that keeps your brain challenged (but not so much that you get burnt out and give up)!! so it seems anyway.

Good luck with your venture and I hope you enjoy your trip. I would love to go one day. Whatever level you get to, it will help you understand and appreciate the country in a different way. So it’s got to be good.

Just change to an IME? I don’t think this is really an issue with KameSame and honestly I like that it doesn’t auto-change to kana since it trains you for what real typing will be like.

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