Siri Shortcuts to remind myself to study [For MacOS]

I’ve noticed that I struggle if I miss a day of WaniKani and I decided to force myself to study whenever there are words to practice. To do this, I wrote a shortcut that runs on several times an hour to remind myself to study. The way it works is that it pulls the number of outstanding characters and if there is more than a few to study, it opens up the WaniKani review page. I was hoping to do the same with KameSame, but it does not have a Public API.

The only tricky thing involved is that I couldn’t find a way to check if i was actively practicing with WaniKani already and didn’t need to re-open the page. The way this is handled is I get the number of outstading words, wait 300 seconds and redownload them. If the number hasn’t changed, I’m likely not studying now.
The URL action requites a header called “Authorization” with key “Bearer <>”