Reviews "bunch up" at an inconvenient hour?

I don’t know if this is a “problem”, but somehow my review habits (usually 2-3 sessions a day) have caused me to usually have a larger number of review items (generally between 50-70) end up at 10-11p. Some days this is not an issue, but other days I’m so tired from work that I try to do them and make dumb errors. Is it better for me to power through them at that time, or try to “distribute” them throughout the next day by doing 10-20 an hour?

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It’s better to do reviews when YOU want to do reviews. If you want to do them at 8 pm, and there are none, then there are none. All those reviews that pop up at 11 pm, they’ll still be there tomorrow at 8 pm.

Caveat to that: apprentice 1 and 2 reviews should really be done close to the time they’re due, because the interval is so short, a day’s delay is doubling it or more. But you should only have to “reset” the times like that once in a while. The waiting times are all even day intervals so if you do them in the same hour every day, they should stay that way for the most part.


Notice that this works both ways – if 11pm is an awkward time for you but you grit your teeth and do the reviews then anyway, that means next time those cards come up will also be at an awkward late time. Whereas if you leave them til the morning once, then after that they’ll keep appearing in the morning.


Yeah, I was thinking they must be that way to all end up on the same day. Might have to skip a day and then do a bunch at intervals the next day or something.

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Note that if you do your lessons in the morning, then the interval spacing (4 hrs to apprentice 2, 8 hrs to apprentice 3, multiples of ~24 hours afterwards) tends to bunch things in the evening, 8 hours after the afternoon session (if you have one). Keeping this pattern in mind might help build your preferred review schedule.

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Part of it is that I’m trying to make myself be good with not finishing all of the ones due for my last session…if I start making dumb mistakes, I’m going to try to wrap up and add another, shorter session during the next day as a way to “spread out” some of the reviews.


Do it when you wanna do it. Don’t sweat it. :slight_smile: