Does 感想する have meaning?

What would the meaning of 感想する be? doesn’t think 感想 is a する-verb, but wanikani does. All of the examples here use it strictly as a noun. Google shows a boatload of results, but also asks if I meant 乾燥する. Is this actually usable in this way or did it get flagged as a する-verb mistakenly?

To make an impression?

It’s listed as a する verb here.

Given the definition of 感想, I think it would be more like “to have an impression.” But to be fair, I don’t think it’s commonly used that way.

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That Japanese-only dictionary is terrifying, but thanks for the link.

No problem. It’s not as crazy as maybe it looks at first glance, but some of the ways of notating things will be unfamiliar at first.

To anyone wondering, this is where it says it’s a する verb.

They use katakana in verb category labels.

The last example provided is (to be honest a fairly difficult to understand) example of it as a する verb as well.


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