Do you prefer a big pile of reviews or small ones?

Do you save up your reviews for a big pile like 50, 100 etc?
Or do you like to do them as they come up like 10, 20 ?

  • Small Piles
  • Big Piles
  • Just how I feel that day

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I feel this poll would have more success in the poll thread


I usually prefer smaller batches since they’re quicker, but I don’t mind longer batches, since I’ll just go into review mode and blast through them.

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Most of times I prefer big piles, since they make me feel more accomplished. But there are days when I don’t feel very much like to do extrenuous work, so I rather the small piles.


I used to prefer small piles, but now I prefer what you define as “big piles.” (To me, 50-100 reviews is a good, manageable pile, lol xD A big pile would be >100, which I don’t like.)

I like having piles on the larger side because reviews only come up every hour and I use them to entertain myself on my hour-long commute to and from work. If I only had 10-20 reviews, I’d finish way too quickly and be bored the rest of the way xD


Yeah, but it can be quite discouraging after a few days away from WK to get back to a review consisting of like 190 items. Since I don’t have a full hour to finish them, they will just keep accumulating… I will then try to rush through the reviews as quickly as I can, and end up with a score of like 60% and then feel really stupid.


I had to do 193 reviews today because I skipped a couple of days this week…

Never again…

A batch of maximum 100 is fine, but more is a pure nightmare.

I prefer small piles, but I inevitably put reviews off for too long and end up with big piles anyway :smiley:

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Two days ago, I went to bed with no review and woke up to 350.
It felt a bit tedious, but it wasn’t so bad. Anywhere below 200 would be fine for me.
Conversely, below 50 feels a bit like a let down. “I had so much expectations for that 'next review in 3h!”

(That being said, I pretty much know all the things I am “learning” so far, so I don’t think my experience is completely relevant)


To be honest, I prefer bigger piles since I’d be done for the day all in one go but once I’m already there answering the reviews:

giphy (3)

I should probably try doing small piles instead


I do mine as soon as I get them. Sometimes, like at the beginning of a new level or after guruing a bunch of kanji at once, it ends up being a big pile. But sometimes only one or two make it to guru at a time and it’s a tiny tiny pile (like two).

Edit: I thought we were talking about lessons, whoops :weary:

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Usually I get reviews about 60-100, maybe a little bigger if I don’t do small ones throughout the day.
I like it like that, even up to ~250 if I’m on a computer and have thirty minutes free.

But I can’t write out all the kanji and vocab if it gets past about 50. Just takes too long, not worth the trouble. So I like to have a few smaller sessions a day where I can practice handwriting.

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I just started burning items this week and I have around 2600 enlightened items since I’m trying to go fast. Now I can wake up to 250 reviews in the morning and it’s a bit daunting but still alright so far.

Well, I generally prefer small ones on my phone and big ones on my computer.
But it all depends on how they come and what my day planning allows me to do. Most of the time I don’t really have a choice in the matter …


Small ones, but I haven’t done many levels yet. I prefer to use WaniKani a couple of times a day instead of just doing one big pile of reviews because it makes me feel like I’m being consistent and making progress. I also think it helps with not burning out. Besides, I’m at the end of my semester and have allll the deadlines and the last thing I want is a pile of 100+ reviews. D:

I used to let them pile up until I was “in the right frame of mind”, or when I’m in a better environment to study. No more! I do them the second the are available! If I can’t right then…ASAP. I’ve been maintaining a 0/0 all week. Not stopping now.:muscle:t3:

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How many apprentice items do you have? :flushed:

I prefer small piles, but don’t mind bigger ones as well. Anything above like 60 gets tedious for me, though.
Good thing I’m allowed to do my reviews at work, so I can keep my review count at 0. :3

At the moment 134. I think the huge amount of morning reviews comes from rushing through all available vocab in the early levels that I now have to burn.

My average daily review count so far is 288 per day, so if I sleep in like today then I get big piles :stuck_out_tongue: just got done 183!

Edit: im an idiot and double counted reviews. 155 per day is the real number…