Do you prefer a big pile of reviews or small ones?

I prefer 30-50 reviews. Anything more than 50 is overbearing and anything less than 30 feels unproductive.


I prefer bigger piles, but then I have to wait for hours, if not for the next day. I really hope higher levels are as overwhelming as you promise guys… :frowning_face:

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I used to do big piles. Then I met…

/takes a drag/

… level 5


40-60 is a good amount. If I have less than thirty I often dont bother and wait until I get a few more but with big piles of reviews after 60 i start getting tired and making dumb mistakes

I personally have what you used as examples for big reviews on a regular basis, and now I’m kinda used to them.

Once the number gets to 200+, confience starts wavering…
If the 200+ is mostly new material… uhh…

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I like to do them in small batches and do them everyday

I try to do em multiple times a day, but with College and other things I end up only doing reviews once a day on most days so I get pretty big piles. I sometimes hit the end in ten button when I open a big pile so i do like 8 smaller piles with breaks instead of one big one. I think it helps. I prefer small piles.

Edit: I also try to keep my piles down by not doing more than 20 lessons a day, though i usually average about 10-15 depending on what I have available.

I do them all on my lunch break thanks to anki mode so it saves so much time from typing the answer.

That sounds dangerous.

Until last week, I would do reviews every single hour. I mean, I had the time and it would only take a few minutes. However, this week I got somehow busier and haven’t been able to do this. Guess what: I feel better with WK than before. I have my own (0,4,12) schedule for the new items planned every day, so I never miss those. The others are just items from previous levels and delaying them a few hours wouldn’t be a problem.

I always advised busy people that you only need to come to WaniKani 3 times per day. Now I advise every single user to do it. Having 20 or 60 reviews is not that different.


I can guarantee you you won’t be disappointed. I could do a stack of reviews every few hours if I wanted to… but I don’t want to, which is why I just slowed down my level-up time from once every 10 days to once a month. It can really get overwhelming if you don’t pace yourself. By level 10 you should have more than enough reviews to keep you busy.

There were a couple of times when my reviews were in the 800+ amounts :nauseated_face: I will try to never let it get to that point again!

If I feel as though I’m absolutely not going to be able to touch wanikani for more than a day, I generally activate vacation mode. I’m totally chickening out, but I can deal with only so many accumulated reviews. Really only happens 1 or 2 times a month.

Yeah, nothing quite like trying to type in "し” and watching "あひ” come up on the tiny phone screen.


If it’s first thing in the morning and I haven’t done my reviews yet today, having a smaller pile feels so much better. Waking up to 75 reviews is overwhelming and I put it off a number of hours. If I’ve done it at least once that day it’s much better and feel ready to take on however many!

Dangerous how? I get usually an hour and sometimes a little more in many different circumstances

You don’t have to type so the temptation is there to press the “right” button because you might think: Yeah thats what I meant

I’m pretty careful about that. My accuracy hasn’t increased any different as oppose to traditionally typing.I even err on the side of caution and hit it wrong if I even have an ounce of doubt

@YourLocalMudkip I’m keeping an eerily similar spreadsheet, although I have an extra column for total active items (all queues except for burned), and then a grand total column showing the total number of items I have ever taken in lessons.

I used to look forward to 100+ review sessions until it became a normal thing.