Word for "counter words"?

Hello all, I’m currently tutoring some folks and I’m getting into all the fun counting words that exist in Japanese. I’m familiar with plenty of counters, but I realized I don’t actually know the Japanese word to describe the category of “words used to count different categories of things.” What are these called?? つまり、"counter word"は日本語でなんという??


じょすう might be the word you’re looking for.


Ah! That’s it! Thank you!!

Is it just my computer, or is the furigana missing its top?

Makes the う look rather like a つ…

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Looks fine on mine.

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Looks like this for me.

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Looks fine for me

I have the same problem, for me furigana is always slightly cut off on the WK forums when browsing with Firefox, although chrome seems to work fine


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