How many Counters does WaniKani teach?

How many different Counters does WaniKani teach over the sixty levels? Thank you.


A quick search of “counter” on the dashboard reveals about a dozen or more, depending on what you include maybe. There might be some that are technically counters, but for some reason don’t have the word counter in the item meaning.


There’s several kanji that function as counters as well as something else, but WaniKani only covers the “something else”. Like 本 (ほん), the counter for long, thin things, but which WaniKani only teaches as “book”. Or 頭 (とう), the counter for large animals, but which WaniKani only teaches as あたま meaning “head”.


This isn’t really answering the question about counters that are taught in WaniKani but if you were just wondering about counters in general:


Thank you, I was hoping the counters would be included so I wouldn’t have to learn them on my Memrise account. Maybe I’ll just wait and see what I’m missing later on and fill in the gaps.

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thank you, I missed that search bar :slight_smile:

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