Do you have a specific kanji(s) that haunt your nightmares

I cannot for the life of me remember any vocab with 向 in it… 向く、向こう、向ける、方向、向け、all make me pull my hair out. I’m expecting a similar experience with at least another handful of kanji in the future. (If it doesn’t get any better I might have to throw those words into an Anki deck) Which kanji do you always struggle with?


A few of those also confused me for a good time, don’t think I’ve completely got it down to this day either.

Another one is the whole mess with 外す and 外れる. Lack of knowledge of transitive and intransitive really killed me here


I have similar problem with verbs that end with く / ける:


Yeah that’s an odd one, I think that’s just something we have to remember on a case by case basis


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