Do over chance when putting kanji reading for vocab?

I know I’ve seen some things like this on the forum, and I realize it says kanji or vocab but it’s really irritating when I see a single character and type in the kanji reading only to be marked wrong because it’s vocab. One of the shake “we’re looking for the vocab reading here” things would be nice. It’s really irritating when things I know get sent back to apprentice level because of this. It’s not a question of knowing the reading or not so much as reading the full question and when you are speeding through a review mistakes become inevitable. I’m trying to get past the kanji I already know so I can get to levels where I can actually learn new ones and I’ve found this extremely irritating, especially when both are appearing in the same review.


I would definitely concur that this would be nice, but since I do notice you are level 3 at the moment, I will caviet by saying that as you go along, your brain will become much more accustomed to associating the different color with radical/kanji/vocab, and reading/meaning.

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Vocab don’t impact leveling, so there’s no concern that it’s slowing you down in that regard.

The shaking for kanji happens when you were correct, but they just asked for the other reading. So it’s not being lenient, it’s being accurate.

The vocab shake wouldn’t make sense in the context. It’s just a wrong answer. And if someone legit doesn’t know the right reading for the vocab, they’ll be correctly marked wrong, instead of being allowed to slide.


It’s only wrong because it says “Vocab”. It’s one kanji standing alone. It looks the same as a kanji question so I wouldn’t think it’s any more wrong than the wrong kanji reading. And I screw up the kanji reading for the vocab reading too because they are in the same review and both just stand alone, which would affect leveling.

Other than all the cues telling you it’s different, sure it’s “the same.”

How would the kanji one be wrong? The shaking means you’re not marked wrong.

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I don’t notice the colors whatsoever so the only queue is the word, and when I’m speeding through I’m not reading that. If they would be in just vocab or just kanji reviews I wouldn’t have an issue but being in the same review is a pain in the ass.

If you absolutely trust yourself to only ever use it for slips of the hand, there’s always the ignore script. Using it to breeze through Wanikani is possible, but then again you won’t learn anything at all. I don’t know where it is, but you can search the forum for it using the search bar.

My main concern right now is to get past all of the kanji I do know to get to the ones I don’t and get words and kanji I know burned so I don’t have to waste time on them. So that might be helpful. It would only work on PC though, yes? I can’t use it on the app I use so that might still be an issue.

So, WK has to decide, is it more beneficial to let people who know the reading and are just rushing get away with it, or should they be strict for the people who legitimately don’t yet remember which reading is which, who expect to use this site to learn that info and not let them reach burn level with guessing.

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Shaking and saying “you are wrong we want the vocab reading” doesn’t NOT help anyone, though. I’m not saying it should be considered correct, since it’s not. But just a second chance to realize it’s a vocab single kanji not a kanji single kanji.

But as I said, you could get to burned status without ever firmly committing it to memory, because you wouldn’t ever be penalised.

You would have had to put it in right at some point so it’s going to end up in your memory either way. I don’t think it’s helping any more this way.

What if everything gave you two chances, wouldn’t it be a lot easier to guess? I know there’s no reason to do that for most things, but do you agree that it would make things easier if you could?

I’m not asking for everything, I’m asking for two things that are totally identical except the color of the background to give you a chance to realize you are thinking of the other one. Obviously it’s not needed for kanji sets or words with hiragana on the kanji, just the single kanji that are easy to mistake.

Well, I guess we don’t see eye to eye on it then. This has been requested before and still isn’t implemented, so I’m pretty sure they’ve considered and rejected it, but you can try.

Well then I guess my question is, is there a script I can use to make mine do this so I don’t have to deal with this issue personally. I don’t know anything about adding scripts but I’m already irritated by the lack of ability to skip things with wanikani so I feel like it might be necessary for me.

As KuroiTsuki said, you can give this script a try (as long as you’re careful not to abuse it)!
You can find it here:

This function is also available ton the Tsurukame app which you can find here:

I personally also ran into this issue a lot when I first started out, but I got used to it as I used wanikani more :slightly_smiling_face: If the ordering if troubling you, there’s also reorder scripts so you could order your reviews to do all kanji first, and then do vocab so that you don’t have to constantly switch in your head to remind yourself which one they’re asking for.

You can find it here:

Many of the issues and complaints you have with wanikani may be resolvable by using a script together with it, and I highly recommend you give it a try. Adding scripts is very simple and many other kind members have written thorough guides on how to add them as well!
Maybe give them all a look here? (there’s a guide at the top of the page)

Good luck!

Vocab is vocab… it’s an actual word. It’s just plain wrong if you put in an alternative meaning for the kanji. Imagine an English version of WaniKani with people complaining about being marked wrong by typing in ‘tri’ instead of ‘three’.

It’s a little frustrating at first but you learn to associate the colours pretty quickly and not get mixed up.

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I’ll look into it. I’ve found a couple of scripts but not sure how to make them work yet. Unfortunately that app appears to be for apple only? So none of the reorders will work on my phone. It would just be nice if things like this were a built in function instead of having to add a bunch of things to make it readily usable.

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