Do items need to be kept at Guru+ for unlocking?

So I enlightened my level 1 kanji this morning (whoo!) and I was wondering about something. Suppose that for the kanji 下 I thought the reading was さ and was greeted with a red text bar. Great. Now suppose that I was having a particularly forgetful review stretch and that I screwed it up enough times to drop it down to Apprentice.

I just recently Guru’ed the kanji 以 a few days ago. Since 下 would be Apprentice level, I would suspect that the vocab 以下 stays locked until 下 is Guru status again. Is that what happens, or is just getting something to Guru once enough to unlock all related items even if you screw it up later?

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Once an Item has reched guru, all related item from your current level and beyond will be unlocked in due time regardless of wether or not the primary item was demoted to apprentice, of course you would want to avoid that as much as possible.

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