Do I need writing practice for radicals when studying 1st time

There is a userscript that adds stroke order to wanikani: [Unsupported] [Userscript] Stroke Order Diagram
I just added it myself!
There’s also a userscript that displays an animation of the stroke order: [UserScript] Stroke animation for reviews and lessons
(In the comments people have said that this slows wanikani down for them)

I’m actually the type who enjoys physical writing, so I’ve often considered practicing it. I’d be really happy if you elaborated on what you mean about digital connections. Do you mean that there is a fundamental difference in the mental representation of a kanji depending on whether it was studied via handwriting versus a digital review system like Wanikani or Anki?

If that is what you mean, I definitely agree. My brain lacks detailed knowledge of most kanji–I can recognize and distinguish them easily, but there are very few I could write or even describe accurately.

And that is unfortunate, I agree, but it’s enough for me–I can read novels, signs, instructions etc. and write emails and texts, and that’s all I really need. For me, handwriting doesn’t serve much purpose. Would it be nice? Yes, and eventually (after finishing wanikani) I may go back and practice writing, but for now I’d rather spend the time studying something else.

I am really interested in the studies you’re talking about, however. And if there is something I don’t understand, I want to know! Thanks~~~