Display Kanji mnemonics on vocab info page and info tab during reviews

Often when I’m reviewing vocab, I’ll get a vocab item wrong due to me forgetting one of the kanji and its accompanying mnemonic. This means that if I want to double check one of the kanji mnemonics, I have to open the info tab in the review (the eyeball button), then open the Kanji item in a new tab and review it there. Obviously not the end of the world, but I think it can be made more convenient.

Right now, the related Kanji for a vocab item are in the bottom left corner of the info tab. Perhaps they can be modified to show/hide the kanji meaning/reading, along with a quick synopsis of the relevant mnemonic. (The kanji button itself might need to be moved from the corner to somewhere else first, in order to fit the mnemonic on the screen properly.)

Obviously this doesn’t work for all vocab, as there’s plenty of vocab where the reading is different from the reading the Kanji teaches. In these instances, perhaps the mnemonic of the kanji can be grayed out, as these vocab will often have their own mnemonic for the different reading.

Generally speaking, I just think the kanji can be better integrated into the vocab pages so that you don’t need 2-4 tabs open to review a single vocab item and its kanji. Maybe it’s too difficult to integrate, maybe it’s impossible, just wanted to share my thoughts regardless.

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