% Correct Discrepancy?

Anyone else seem to always notice a discrepancy between the % correct trending in the top right corner during a review and the final result of the review?

If so, would you happen to know why this exists?

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They’re two different scores. The one during the session is correct answers / attempts. The one at the end is correct items (where you got both reading and meaning right on the first try) / items.


While James gave a pretty good answer, I will answer as well to procrastinate doing lessons despite not actually adding anything to the answer provided.

During reviews thats your average correct answers given. This separates meaning and reading for any particular item, but the final screen combines them into their respective item. Getting one of the two wrong for that item counts as getting the whole item wrong.


Yeah, I suspected as such. I didn’t remember if that was stated in the tutorial or whatever when I first joined, but I took a long hiatus before hitting it daily, so I forgot if that was the case. Thanks for informing.

Yeah, I don’t know why they don’t just show both.

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Maybe showing a higher percentage value inside the review is more motivating than showing a low one?

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