Disabling system notification when Discourse saves a local copy of an image

Every time we post an image that isn’t uploaded directly, the system spams us with notifications that it has saved a local copy. It seems there is a setting for it. Would it be possible to change that setting?




I get all excited that someone is talking to me… But then it’s just the system saving the picture. Makes me disappointed every time…


I looked for this and could not find the setting. Would be nice.
I thought I was popular, but it turns out I just post a ton of gifs.

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I’m talking to you. Because I don’t want you to be disappointed.

You’re popular with me.

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Done! Thanks for the link. Helped facilitated the process :slight_smile:


Thank you!



Wait, what? I didn’t consent to this!

I’m tellin ya man, the Ninjaneer Devout Worship thread is far overdue!


I’ve tried to find gifs exactly like this since this is an action that happens a lot in anime. But I don’t know what search string to enter to find it. What would this be called?!?!

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I Google imaged “anime girl teehee”.

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Aww, thank you. <3

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Thank you, Viet!

Much appreciated!

I want that action though…

I just go with “teehee”. If there’s an actual term for it, I don’t know it.

That’s what I was going to try.

And I did work.


テヘペロ!:sparkling_heart: (“てへぺろ gif” brings up a lot more results than “テヘペロ gif” but on their own, テヘペロ is more common.)

(Called such, because of the “テヘ” being a laugh and “ペロペロ” meaning “licking” :P)

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