Difrenciate similar Kanji


Im trying to wrap my head around similar Kanji.
As far as i understand the kanji for Cow 牛 and the kanji for Noon 午 are the same. And i aaaalways mess this up when doing my reviews. Is there any good way to actually difrenciate this?

The vocab for cow うし seems to be going ok, its just the kanji itself :frowning:

The cow has a horn coming out of its head.


Im amazed about how i did not see this before now…
Thanks :slight_smile:

Don’t worry, this is just the start. Other fun pairs include 未 and 末 (the lengths of the crossbars are opposite).

There’s a thread for these in the forum archive.

Looking forward to it :slight_smile:

Also just in case you didn’t notice yet, each kanji’s information page has a list of “similar kanji” – have a look at that when you first learn each kanji and you can save yourself a lot of trouble confusing similar items later.

Edit : sorry redundant, that’s the link leebo just posted.

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