Difficultly of yuzumori

Recently I started reading yuzumorisan. This is the second time I tried reading raw manga and I noticed it was significantly easier than the first time I tried (which was not too long ago).
Last time, I tried reading yotsuba, because apparently, it’s REALLY easy, but it was actually somewhat hard for me to understand for some reason (I could understand the gist of what was happening but didn’t fully understand every sentence). This time, I’m just reading yuzumorisan because my friend really likes it, and it’s a breeze for me! I got through 33 pages in less than an hour (maybe even around 30 minutes). There was only around 10% of words I didn’t know or so, and they were really easy to look up. The grammar patterns also seemed really simple too. I feel like I’m literally understanding every sentence this time.
So, I was just wondering, Is yuzumorisan even easier? Or is it just slightly less slang that makes it easier for me to read? What’s going on here?

I can’t answer, because I’ve never read or even heard of yuzumorisan. But I agree that the often recommended Yotsubato is actually pretty difficult due to slang, very casual speech, etc.

I’m finally to the level where I can get most of what I read in Yotsubato, but I still find Shirokuma Cafe, for example, significantly easier.

Where did you purchase yuzumorisan?

ETA: Is this what you are reading? What is it about?

goes onto mal
sees Shoujo Ai tag

thank you @Exzack, you have given me new reading material.

Yes, that is what I’m reading.

It is a little… strange though. There is quite the age difference lol. It is apparently pretty innocent though, according to my friend who reads it (he keeps up with it and reads each chapter raw as soon as they come out lol).

I found it and noticed it doesn’t have any furigana, so it looks like it’s something I will have to come back to later. The characters seemed cute though.

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