Difficulties with 間

Hello everyone.

Today while doing Anki reviews if got to a sentences like this one:


So the translated version goes as:
“He disappeared in the meantime”

So this time the correct reading was " かん". I was thinking “あいだ” …:roll_eyes: but then looking at the dictionary and some other examples, I don’t think I quite get when it’s one or the other reading.

So, could anyone explain if there’s any difference in the “ま”, “かん” and “あいだ” reading for the kanji 間 ??

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There’s no difference. Both readings exist and both are used. But the その is kind of thought of as being part of the word here. So include it in your lookup.

Thanks. One leech less :sweat_smile:. I wish all my leeches where solved that easily.

The look up in 日本語辞典(現代国語、外来語) for その間 goes to “かん” the look up in jisho goes to “あいだ” :man_shrugging:.

Thanks a lot!

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