Difficult sentence (for me at least)

" 淡く柔らかな印象を与える透き通った水色長い髪. "

I’m having trouble on analysing this sentence. Firstly I look to the end of the phrase and I’m supposing that the verb 透き通った is stating that the clear blue and long hair is transparent. Then I go back to the beggining of the sentence and understand that something gives a soft and pale impression, I guess that the “something” is the hair. I concluded that the translation should be:

A long and transparent light blue colored hair gives a pale and soft impression.

Did I get this right?

Yes, you did.

Basically, I think. Everything beforehand is just describing the hair. So it might be more like: Long, transparent light blue hair, which…

In English, of course, this isn’t really a complete sentence, but you’ll see this sentence type fairly often in Japanese.

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Thank you very much, I was unsure because the sentence structure is so odd… but I’m glad I nailed it ^^

Huhmmmh, I swear that sentence is familiar. Are you by chance reading the first volume of KonoSuba?

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Lol, you got me. I decided to try and read Konosuba in japanese as a challenge, but it’s turning out a little too difficult for me.

Haha, tell me about it. I think it took me 2 months to finish it, had to look up words every other sentence. Well, good luck with it, it’s super fun if you stick to it. ファイトですね

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