Need some help grammar

Hi, I need to clear up some grammar points:

1.何もいらないと思います <= what does that sentence mean and which verb is “いらない”.

2.ひまになりました <= I don’t understand why there is the particule “に” there.

3.髪が短くなりました <= What is that く at the end of 短い (te form = 短くて).

I have tried to answer to these questions, are they right ?



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“I think I don’t need anything” / “I don’t think I need anything”要る

なる means “to become” and is often paired with に when what something is becoming is a noun or な adjective.

That’s the adverbial form. The way you say that something “becomes [い adjective]” is to put it in the adverb form (change い to く) and then follow it up with なる.

あつい - hot
あつくなる - to get hot

Those are fine grammatically, though つもり sounds a bit stiff for daily plans. 予定 probably sounds more natural.



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