Difference between e, wa, etc

I always make the mistake between these words, even if they look the same or actually, mean the same I Is there a difference between them, from a grammatical standpoint?

まぜる = to mix something
And when the word ends with わ was it suddenly into being: まじわる to be mixed.

the same with 伝わる = to be transmitted, and 伝える to transmit.

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There…is a difference between them. Are you asking about this difference or trying to tell others? I can’t really tell from your post.

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Asking the difference.

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There is nothing that you can say that applies to every single case of this that is true iirc, but in a vast majority of cases its primarily a matter of transitivity vs intransitivity. There will be some grammar nazis who will say that there is no transitive and intransitive, but all you have to know is that its a matter of if you’re doing x to something or if something is xing. Don’t worry about the technical bs

To give an example with raise/rise = 上げる/上がる, you raise your grades. Your grades rise. Your grades don’t raise and you dont rise your grades.


Check out a previous post of mine, linked below. However, I don’t think 交ぜる and 交わる are verb pairs, so it probably doesn’t apply to them. It would apply to 伝わる and 伝える though.

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Curedolly has a great article on the subject and how to recognize the patterns:

I wouldn’t stress too much about the nomenclature and she’s awfully clickbaity… but her explanations are great.


What is the difference between きたい & よそう they both mean expectation, expect, anticipate.

きたい is usually expecting a good thing, while よそう isn’t necessarily that
btw, don’t worry about these, you’ll meet a lot of words that have the same meaning, and it’s usually that there’s a very slight difference in meaning. You’ll either get to know these from immersion, or you’ll read it in a jp → jp dictionary once you have the vocabulary to do so

They are completely different and this one definitely doesn’t fall under the “very slight difference” category if you ask me.

期待 is like waiting in anticipation with hopes that something will happen.
予想 is to think about what is to come and formulate a prediction.