Difference between じょ(jo) and じょ(ji yo)

Hi! I was doing my reviews and then I found something I didn’t understand.
Can someone explain me the difference between じょ (jo) and じょ(ji yo)?

Thank you!

You actually wrote jo じょ twice.

じよ (jiyo) has a large じ (ji) and a large よ (yo).
じょ(jo) has the same じ but an underscript ょ


As far as I know there is only one じよ word; there are plenty of words with じよう though.

They’re pronounced as they are written, therein lies the difference.


What do you mean by じよ and じよう words?
(Do you mean じょ and じょう, by any chance?)

自余 and 時余 are both read じよ
滋養 自用 次葉 are all read じよう

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I mean, other than 自余 I can think of very few words that are read as “じよ” or just start with this.
I only know 時余 as the name ときよ.
I cant find it in a dictionary either as 単語。

There you go

But even if it’s not a frequent word by itself, じよ may appear in longer words (like… じよう words)

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