Did not receive my motivational level up email :’(

Hello everyone!

It has been about an hour since I’ve leveled up but I still haven’t gotten my motivational level up email. I need my motivational level up email!!

In past levels, the email got sent immediately upon leveling up. Is there a bug for level 8? Has someone had the same issue when reaching level 8?

I have logged out and logged back in but still nothing. Please do not copy and paste the content of level 8 here as I would like to receive the email and read it myself. I might have to send them an email so that they can manually send it to me :slight_smile:
Please let me know if you’ve had any issues with the emails before and if there is a way to fix it!


Try toggling the setting for level up emails off and on here: WaniKani — Log in. Used to work in the past.


Thank you. I will check after work!

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Check your spam folder!

This happened to me once. Someone suggested I check my spam folder and that’s exactly where it was :slight_smile:

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As someone else that really looks forward to those emails I hope you get it soon!

In the meantime:



I’d snip more, but don’t want to post spoilers…


The same happened to me and I just hit level 10 around an hour ago.

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In case you won’t get them, there is this thread with all of them. Don’t spoil yourself.

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I just received mine.

I just saw that the level 1 email tells users they learn a year’s worth (classroom time) of kanji in a month.

If I received an email like that, the last thing I would think of doing is to come on forums and complain about how slow WK is at the start.

In my case, first thing I do when I sign up for something is go to the Settings and turn of all spam emails. So I don’t actually get these, but for anyone who does get them, why complain? :sweat_smile: What more could one possibly want than a 12x speed-up? :eyes:


First the missing badges and now this.

But seriously, to each their own, but I don’t think the OP is complaining. I for one, eagerly anticipate each level up email. Seeing what the crazy people at WK have to say is the highlight of my level up day.

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Yeah, I’m not referring to OP. It was just an observation because the level up emails thread is locked.

As another user recomended, check your spam. I just got mine in the spam for the first time! :fearful: Fortunately, I checked right away and rescued it. :joy: Mails in the spam folder are deleted faster, so you need to be quick about this.