Diary of a sane level 10'er

Hello everyone!
I have just hit level 10 and am officially a 6th of the way done! So far, I’m starting to get the hang of things like reviews and such. Figured out the best lesson chunk for me is 20 lessons in one hour per day. On days that I work 12 hour shifts, I use those days just for reviews. Anyways, I’m assuming now that I’m in the double digits that things are gonna start to get real. Well, I haven’t given up yet and I won’t! One day I will reach the golden 60 and make a cool post about it or something. Until that time though, I leave you all with this message:
“For all those below level 10, you can make it to double digits too! Oh boy, learning Kanji is really fun and the Crabigator totally didn’t influence me to say this.” -Me probably.
Until next time,


As a level 5 stuck in this purgatory (it’s been 100+ days since I leveled up–I know, it’s bad), this gives me hope. I’m trying my best to be more diligent about it, especially on days I work (I work 12 hour shifts too, and on those days I can’t seem to study).


The first thing I thought when reading this thread’s title was: “this person is anything but sane”. heh hehe

But yeah, things can get crazy. I hit a smallish wall at level 12, and a many times bigger wall at 16 - which, as you can see, I’m still climbing over. Coincidentally, I also do 20 lessons a day, but not all at once; for me it’s 10 at morning and 10 at night. I do reviews twice a day as well.

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I think there is a lot of talk of having short level-up times on the forums and how to keep going up levels quickly with reordering scripts and what-not; but I just wanted to chip in to say, don’t feel bad for the time it takes to level up!
My level-up times are reeeaallllyy long but I prefer to take my time and cement things in - although for me, it’s mostly feeling like I don’t have the energy to learn new stuff so I just do my reviews at the very least each day and try to do lessons when I can. (It makes my lessons queue massive but it keeps me sane!)
I rationalise my mistakes by figuring that I’ll have seen the kanji so many times before I burn it that it doesn’t make me annoyed when I miss one with a typing error or something because I know that it’s actually just making it stronger in my recall!
Having said that, if you want results quick - don’t listen to me!
Best of luck :slight_smile:


You got this, I’m sure you’ll get out of purgatory soon! I believe in you 12 hour shift buddy : D

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I checked it out on my break last night! Will definitely join! :smile:

Thanks for the encouragement! :smile:

Honestly, I don’t think the 10s are that bad. The 20s are tricky at times though. The 30s are pretty regularly tricky. The 40s can be called hard. And the 50s so far… :fearful:

Oh this was supposed to be encouragement. :sweat_smile: Uh, just note that the “painful levels are fine”

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Oh my, I wonder how I will keep my sanity when I reach the higher levels. I guess I gotta keep doing what I’m doing and never give up!


It will only be that insane if you go full speed. Otherwise I imagine it would be more bearable.

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