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Would it be possible to examine how WaniKani scales in browsers? I’ve had this issue across computers where if you split the screens (or however it’s called), the kanji and the typing box get pretty small. It’s a pain to see and even if you zoom, then buttons move to difficult spots and it’s a hassle.

I know it’s probably a pain to change, but it’d be nice if the site could scale better.


Zoom out (Ctrl -) is probably the easiest option.

Otherwise, make width a little smaller might be another option.

Dev Tools / Inspect Element can examine small screen sizes. It can also inject CSS.

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Zoom is broken and the width is the problem it seems. It I make it narrower, it gets worse.

Can you explain more about how to use inspect element to fix it??

This is Chromium with Zoom 300% and typing “innerWidth” in Inspect Element console gives 231.

It’s the last Inspect.

In my experience, trying to inject CSS gives problems too. If it becomes complex, it creates more problems than it fixes.

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Can you take more screenshots please? When I open the inspect tool, it says there are 5 cases of “innerWidth” but it won’t show me any of them.

First, I pressed Ctrl+ to Zoom to 300%.

Alternatively, window.innerWidth

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Ah, I see. I tried that this time and it worked. :thinking: maybe my work computer chrome needs updated

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