Descent of the Durtle into eGoooott - NOW AT B8!

Looking at the wiki, no spaces were used finding Turtle, unko, eating.

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Have we had any clear indication at all that the book cipher actually works for B3? Because I’m still not convinced.
"Blahblah eating Turtle unko " just doesn’t sound like it has anything to do with the clue text. Where is physical descendence? Where is ‘no place for Disciples of the Crabigator’? Where is “we’re just a different type from you” ?

And I cannot believe, out of all the different combinations and permutations of passwords that we’ve all tried, that somehow we’ve had the answer already but still didn’t get it right. Like, what are the odds?

Might have meant not WaniKani, i.e. Tofugu

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I initially thought it meant something away from Koichi’s realm, such as Genki textbooks. Tofugu is still nominally WK-verse.

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200 new posts when i wake up and still no news…

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Just for giggles, it is not any of these:

egoooott eating unko Turtle

egoooott eating Turtle unko

egoooott unko eating Turtle

egoooott unko Turtle eating

egoooott Turtle eating unko

egoooott Turtle unko eating

Turtle eating unko egoooott

Turtle eating egoooott unko

Turtle unko eating egoooott

Turtle unko egoooott eating

Turtle egoooott eating unko

Turtle egoooott unko eating

unko eating egoooott Turtle

unko eating Turtle egoooott

unko egoooott eating Turtle

unko egoooott Turtle eating

unko Turtle egoooott eating

unko Turtle eating egoooott

eating egoooott unko Turtle

eating egoooott Turtle unko

eating unko egoooott Turtle

eating unko Turtle egoooott

eating Turtle unko egoooott

eating Turtle egoooott unko


And for the record, capitalising the G in eGoooott makes no difference either.


I missed that. Glad I posted all the variations for someone to replace and try.

You finally open the B3 door. It’s B4. The hint text says that there’s only “96 more levels”.

  • (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻
  • (ノಥ益ಥ)ノ ┻━┻
  • ┻━┻ ︵ヽ(`Д´)ノ︵ ┻━┻
  • (ノಠ益ಠ)ノ彡┻━┻

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Why does this stand out to me?

The post before it was

There was 10 minutes between rfindley’s post and Koichi’s.

Did anyone run down the 55 idea?


Seems like maybe nothing to me… just seemed odd that included the ‘, now.’ to the sentence.

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table flipping intensifies…



I know… Just something is weird about the 555 deal. Since the other three books have been letter for letter, it seems that this should also be the case.

Speaking of case, since the password field is case sensitive, it also begs the question if we should enter the text as we found it (I would think so) or in all lowercase.

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Only the fact that the code words yielded four book titles which all have book ciphers on the beginner-japanese-textbook page. How else would we turn the book titles into keywords?

That’s possibly because all the clues are on Tofugu rather than WaniKani.

Probably typing on the kana-entry keyboard (i.e. different from the romaji-entry keyboard)

That we’ve said the right word at some point in hundreds of posts? Fairly good.

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I also tried it with no spaces, I tried with all lower case and with no spaces.

Nothing seems to work.

If I was going to ask @koichi something, even though it’s direct, I would ask, are we doing something wrong with keyword 4 (eGoooott). No details, simple yes/no question.

I’ll probably never get that answer, but one can dream!

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Probably because he’s been eaten by a grue.

It was dangerous to go alone.


Concerning the solution from B3 to B4: the passwords so far were in increasing order of strength
-password (probably the weakest password you can find out there)
-crabigators eat butts (still all lower case, but at least something non-guessable and several words)
-Mrs. Chou (uppercase, lowercase and punctuation - we‘re getting serious here)
-uppercase, lowercase, more punctuation, some numbers?
-meaningless jumble of letters and numbers?

My point is, it is not necessarily a simple word we‘re looking for. Maybe it has a hyphen, and the password is most certainly case-sensitive. Not that this post is helping much.(メ_メ)

Tyger out. Back to business, see you tomorrow!


B100. It’s a link.
You click it.
Never gonna give you up, never gonna let you dooown…


I think the frustration people are expressing here is pretty understandable, which is why I backed off after a bit of analysis earlier - I simply don’t think these puzzles are very well constructed, and as they get ‘harder’, they’re going to get worse. They’re mostly depending on reading the designer’s mind, and a lot of B3 has been sifting through a ton of irrelevant information without a way to confirm the approach until several leaps of faith have been made.

A well-constructed puzzle usually has two clues for each part - one that’s broad but straightforward, and one that’s hard to understand but specific. That way, when you crack the puzzle, you can check both clues and know you’ve got the right answer, or at least on the right track. You see this with cryptic crosswords, with the end-of-year quizzes the Guardian post (broad questions, with a very specific theme all the answers match to), and with the MIT Puzzle Hunts (even though the MIT Puzzle Hunts incorporate lots of unexpected ciphers, they are very clear upfront about what ciphers are expected knowledge and thus which ones they have to clue in the puzzle).

I don’t see that here - there’s nothing that clues that Shift-JIS is a more valid use of the hex codes than anything else, and nothing suggesting that the readings were important. The kanji at the start of B3 could have been any kanji with the same stroke order, most of the keyboard keys were interchangeable (because we threw nearly half of that content away) and the Tofugu leap isn’t clued at all.

Stick to teaching kanji, guys.


While I agree with a fair bit of what you’re saying, I think you’re being a little too harsh. It’s meant to be trickier than your average Guardian quiz - the process of kanji stroke counts to a date to the date of a Tofugu article is obscure, I’ll admit, but it’s not completely out of the blue. I’ve heard of more difficult internet puzzles. And hey, there’s internet puzzles that still remain unsolved.

But yeah, I’m a little bit over the “look, it’s sooo obvious” clues coming from people who know the answer already because they literally wrote the thing. And I really don’t think they ran it past anyone who didn’t write the thing first, either.