Delish Kitchen

I’ve seen a lot of people on the forums in the past asking about Japanese recipes and, obviously, everyone here has an interest in learning Japanese. Well, I’ve recently discovered a very neat little app that might kill both birds with one stone (then wrap them in shisou and lightly fry them in mirin and soy sauce). It’s called Delish Kitchen and features very short, very simple tutorials on how to make Japanese dishes. I’ve tried one dish already and watched dozens of the videos. Good practice since they repeat the same phrases a lot and what they’re doing is clear from the visuals anyway.


Aw. It looks like a great app, but I don’t think it’s available in the U.S. :cry:

Ahh I’ve tried some of their recipes, and it turned out great! I found it useful for learning new ingredients I’ve never heard of before, one of which was 柚子胡椒, a type of seasoning that’s a paste made from Yuzu peels, chilli peppers and salt. It helps that I’m based in Japan so finding the ingredients wasn’t too hard. Some of their older recipes have english subtitles, but there are a few mistakes that come up occasionally.

Oh, that’s too bad.

They do also have a youtube channel, which seems to feature the same material.

I really like for recipes.

Ah. Thanks

You can also follow them on Twitter :slight_smile: On my Japanese account I follow @DelishKitchentv @TastyJapan and @Tastemade_japan and there are a bunch more similar ones, but I unfollowed most of them because all the videos on my feed were drowning out everything else.

I’m in the US and was able to download and use, no problem. Clicked on OP’s link, then clicked “ダウンロード” on the web page that came up and it sent me to the app on the US IOS App Store.

They have an Instagram too that is great

You’re right! I clicked on the Google app store one because I have and android phone.
They also have a Youtube channel where it’s all uploaded too.


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