Decide for yourself if you answered incorrectly

It happens all the time that I enter the meaning when I’m asked for the reading or I make a typo. There doesn’t seem to be a way to convince wanikani that I know the right answer after all, so I’m getting delayed for no reason. This is frustrating and it’s why I will stop using the app.

But then why not just use Anki if you want to self-assess?

WaniKani Override userscript:
Double Check userscript:

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The color scheme of the site helps so that happens less often as you keep using it

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"But then why not just use Anki if you want to self-assess?"
I do use Anki. Using Wanikani offers a good order in which to learn kanji and vocabulary among other potential benefits. Is there a way to just download the wanikani course as anki cards? If not then your answer doesn’t make much sense, because I can’t “just” use anki as an alternative. Making cards and and ordering them takes a lot of time and it’s not obvious for a beginner which words and kanji are important to learn.
Edit: Now that I think about it, there probably ARE pre-packaged anki card packs to download, even if it’s not from wanikani.

Thanks bladepoint, that sounds like exactly what I need.

I use override all the time for stupid fingers. As long as I vocalized the right word, out loud or in my head, I consider it correct.

You know, this forum does have a search function…


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