Hi, guys, おきばりやす

Hello, I’m new but I know some Japanese. WaniKani looks very good and interesting but what do you think is it better to learn kanji with WaniKani or with Anki creating your own cards?
And what does it mean: “Say hello in the Community Chan”? Didn’t I do that right now? I want this achievement~ この実績を獲得したい~


For being level 1, your kanji usage is pretty advanced. :eyes:

I learned a lot by myself. I’m just interested in what Wanikani is. (And I looked up 実績 in Steam and 獲得 is a frequent word when you play some RPG, lol)

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I’d say, the best is to use both :slight_smile:
WaniKani is amazing for learning 2000 kanji and 6000 vocabulary. That’s a great start, but you’ll need more :wink:

To me WaniKani has been an amazing help! I’d say give it a try. Finish the free levels and see if the style works for you. If it does, then it is deffenitely worth it :slight_smile:
If you know some kanji from before you’ll probably know most of the kanji in those levels, but already in the first few levels there should be some you don’t know, and vocab that is new.

As for Anki, use it for items found outside WaniKani, from reading materials and games you are playing. And whole sentances instead of just words as well.


Wanikani is great because we are all here together trying to achieve this very difficult thing. Good luck!

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