Deal With kanji 処 and Based On kanji 拠 not related?

I thought 拠 used 処 as a root but that does not seem to be the case according to the semantic-phonetic composition? They sound similar enough.

The modern shape of 拠 is a 略字 of the original shape 據, not a sound-alike replacement, so the sound of 処 never played a part in the original character. Do they sound that similar? It’s しょ and きょ. I mean, yes, they end in small よ, but that’s all.


And 処 itself is the Shinjitai form of 處 because it looked really ugly like that and they had to change it.


Ah ok, thanks Leebo. And I’d say yeah, both being compound sounds and of the variant o they sound similar enough for me to call them similar.

I can’t think of cases of phonetically related things that jump across か行 and さ行 like that off the top of my head, but maybe I just am having a brain block.

These are only superficially similar, in that they rhyme, but historically there’s probably no connection. Especially seeing as they started out different anyway.

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