How many new Kanjis/Vocab. do you learn per day?

Wow, I reached level 5 last Saturday, but I’m still learning vocabulary from level 4! They never end hahaha. So I was wondering how many new kanjis/vocabularies do you guys learn per day?

I normally stick to the number 9. When I’m learning radicals I normally learn more than 9 per day, because they are quite easy since you don’t have to learn a reading, but when I get to the “meat” of the level, the kanji and vocabulary, I try to learn 9 a day… more than that I feel it’s too much. Besides that, if you learn a ton of new items, the reviews in the next few days are going to be HUGE! Sometimes I get lucky and already know some of the vocabularies, these words I don’t count. But it’s being quite slow… I’m taking almost 13-15 days per level this way. But I’m ok with that, I’m really not in a hurry and don’t have a lot of time to dedicate myself to japanese anyway.


Just notice, the forum says I’m level 4, maybe it’ll say I’m on five when I begin learning the kanji from level 5?!

It takes a while sometimes for your level to sync with the forums, if you log in and out again it should do the trick =)


I’ve got vocab to learn from level 33, and I learn 10 items per day minimum (have been on the vacation for a month, though).

I don’t like to lean my kanji - I’m afraid if I do they’ll topple over.

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I generally aim for 20-30 lessons per day, with at least 10 of those being Kanji.
That way I don’t learn too many Kanji at once, but I still get through most/all the new lessons by the time I’m done with the level.



At my current pace I’m learning an average of 5 kanjis and 17 words per day…

Hmmm, and here i thought I was going fast… putting like that you could think that i’m not even trying… perspective…

Definitely go at the pace that works best for you :slight_smile: I was an 8-dayer up until I hit this level, but at a certain pace WK winds up eating up at least 2 hours just to keep up with reviews and whatnot, and that’s about the amount of time I have to dedicate to studying Japanese. Wound up burning out and I’ve been on this level for 2 weeks now :smiley: (I’ve been studying grammar instead). I’m mostly recovered though, and the plan moving forward is to allocate 1hr - 1hr 20 min to WK and the remaining 40min - 1hr to studying grammar (20 minute chunks of time) as opposed to going for a set number of lessons every day. If reviews are piling on fast enough that I can’t get them down to 0, I’ll reassign the time I usually reserve for lessons to reviews on the next day, so that way I naturally maintain an equilibrium that fits into my schedule.


Yeah, whatever speed you like is fine, just keep in mind that your peak average daily review load once the burn items start coming in is 9 x your average lesson rate (or more, if you fail a lot)

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I focus on maintaining a regular schedule of 10 a day, but given that I’m only learning Kanji it can make me see double sometimes. Moreover, some words aren’t simple!

私會常學計数拾漢字辭各翟,可是或時其作私的覽貳罷 。多辭係否簡泰哪!

I speak for the snails: I do 5 items a day. That’s one single lesson. That’s all the Kanji study time I have, but more importantly, it’s about all I can memorize without everything jumbling together. At this rate, it will take me about 5 years to finish, but that’s OK, as long as I stick with it.


I try to keep my apprentice queue as close to 100 items as possible, and generally won’t do more than 30 new lessons in a day.

Exceptions might be made if I want to get all the new kanji in a level into rotation or if a lot of the vocabulary is already known/intuitive.

I learn 5 every other day. I know it seems slow, but when I started WaniKani I was going so fast that sometimes I’d wake up and have a queue of over 100 items to review. It was overwhelming. So then I stopped lessons altogether for a few months to triage that down. I recently started this system of 5 lessons every other day and it’s working fine for me.

If the lessons are too easy though I may do an extra set. Like I recently unlocked the days of the week, but I already know them so I don’t need to spend much time on them. In this case I did an additional set.

I have the unlimited membership so I’m not in a rush.


currently i just binge every new lessons that come up, but right now i’m only on level 2 so it’s just like around 7 new kanjis+vocabs per day(?)

if i keep doing that (stuff all that those new stuff right when they are available) will i get overwhelmed by the piling up reviews someday? ఠ_ఠ

I like your pace.

An update:

Now I’m using the script for ordering lessons. Why? Well, when I finished level 5, I think, i took me 1 week or so to finish the lessons of all the VOCAB of the level and, only after this, I was able to lean the radicals/kanji of the next level. At this pace it would take me 15-20 days per level, too slow!! And I really don’t see any reason to wait for the VOCAB of the previous level to finish to start learning new kanjis.

So I decided to use the ordering script. As soon as I enter a new level, I reorder the lessons so I can learn right away the radicals and kanji. I aim to learn the radicals in 2 days at most (they are rather easy) and, after that, 9 new kanji a day. But I don’t stop there, I learn 9 new VOCAB words too, so in total I learn 18-20 itens per day. So far It’s ok 20 itens a day this way, somedays I do even more if the vocab words were particulary easy. In this way 1 level takes me 7-9 days, i. e., 3 levels per month. With this pace I’ll reach level 60 in 2 years, I’m very satisfied with this number.

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i’m doing all my lessons immediately. first radicals and kanji, then a coffee break, then vocab.

only rads/kanji are really new anyway, the vocab is still connected to the previous kanji and looks like more than it really is :slight_smile:

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Wow, isn’t it overwhelming you? Like, if I do in the pace I described, my review queues are 50-80 itens per day, which is long but it’s OK. Doing all the itens in one stroke… how many reviews a day? 130-150? More?

I try to learn all I can unless my life is so busy and I will not be able to do reviews frequently. I don’t mind getting lots of vocab. wrong in the first reviews. I got about 15% or 20% of vocab. wrong in the first reviews but they come up again soon so I actually “learn” more from the reviews than from the lessons. I also try to not let reviews accumulate because I do poorly on long reviews. I have 269 reviews in the next two days. I use ultimate timeline script but I set the settings so I can see only the number of reviews coming and not their content since I only want to see what times of the days lots of reviews will arrive. Without the ability to see when reviews are coming I would not be able to take care of a 11 month son and learn kanji…

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