Cute Japanese Learning Videos!


So i have (JUST) started collecting cute videos that teach Japanese stuff as memory aids. OF COURSE these are a thing!! I’ll start with the first two I have found and add more as I find them, and your contributions are MOST welcome!

Days of the week jingle!

"How Old Are You?"


Here’s more:

Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes

How Much?


Oh! Mikey!


nice, a little bit psycho like but after i finished one i had some fun :smiley:


I’m surprised by how good that is. The voice actors are amazing


There’s a whole Oh! Mikey series of videos, all deranged and worth a view. Not posting them to avoid furter derailing the thread :3


I’d say they are right on topic! Post away!


:flushed: I thought いくら wasn’t used to ask how much something costs…
Good to know that you do use it that way!

This video won’t teach you anything but it’s cute I guess:



In response to the Magikarp song, there is also a cute song about Mimikyu.
(You probably already know this one, but I still think it’s a cute song ^w^)


I was just thinking of that one! So cute <3


Gets stuck in my head…


I just woke up, played this on my mobile, and that opening scram: jeez! What does she scream anyway? I could swear it’s “Godzillaaaa!!!”


Not sure if this counts.


:joy: lol I’m dying here!!


“Obvious Exercise”



I’m happy to share my Top 3 Cute Japanese Learning Videos:

1. わくわく、ひらがな!


2. 一匹二匹三匹


3. ビー玉ビー助の大冒険 (Unfortunately, the original video has been deleted from YouTube!)

Gimme moar:

Bonus: 【公式】「どないやねん ヤドン」MV


いっぴき、にひき、さんびき… :notes:


Love 'em! That last one is…umm…umm…well? Just wow…


From Tofugu article on 申し申し [1].



Giggled all the way through that one, and even understood some of it, YAY!