Cut your review time in half!

I really recommend using rfindley’s lightning mode script. It cuts out the extra clicks/key presses and makes it much easier to just focus on answering the prompts.There are a lot of awesome scripts for the site, but this is probably the single best script I’ve used for improving my review speeds.

Also, if you’re okay with 1x1 mode I’d recommend pairing this with a reorder script. I don’t put much weight on the benefits of interleaving so with the two scripts combined reviews become much, much faster. It’s very convenient knowing being able to anticipate the responses for two items at a time and you don’t have to worry about getting interrupted or disconnected without using the wrap up button.

Edit: Also, I don’t see how 90% is anything but good. If went through 3k terms in half a year and only managed to remember 2k I’d still be ecstatic over the progress. I think people care about both accuracy and leeches waaaaaaay too much without actually looking at the bigger picture. There is so much more to learning Japanese than worrying about some minor setbacks on WK.