Cut your review time in half!

Better yet, learn speed typing (and accurate typing).

More combo for me would be – 1. Mistake delay 2. No Cigar 3. Ignore script, with keyboard shortcut (usually ESC).


WK has an edit distance thing in it so that if you typo a bit then it still get marked as correct. I’d worry that you’d run the risk of more false positives than usual with this idea.


Can I use the left-right-left-right-up-up-down-down-A-B-select-start combo to get to level 60 immediately?


Yeah, this method does seem pretty sketchy to me, so I’ll stick to Anki style. But hey, everyone’s different, so maybe this will work for someone. :slight_smile:

This may help


What happens if you remember harm, damage, … forgot the last thing? You would have to learn the correct order of the solution as well, seems a bit like “overfitting”, do you really remember all this stuff?

If this actually works for you, you could try this:

with “my” always show the solution mode, with an additional synonym it will always show the full solution for a fast check and repetition.


Not sure what you mean by that. There’s no order involved. He accepts i, d, or h as an answer.

Hmm I was looking at the next examples and thought idh was required … if you can use any then it is no problem of course.

Except of course for the problem of it not actually checking if he got it right or not.



Isn’t this going to make you associate the kanji with single letters? Even if you mentally say the meanings in your head as you answer, I still have to wonder if you’re either just making learning less efficient or actually harming it in a quest to shave off a small amount of time to your reviews (which don’t take long to begin with).


I think its actually harming. While learning the kana I started off by only using and after a while I noticed that I had to remember the keys I have to press for the romaji before I could recall what the kana was, so I didn’t actually learn the kana, but the keystrokes that were necessary to get the answer correct. I had to supplement my studies with the kanji study app to be able to read the kana without having to remember the keystrokes first.
The same thing pretty much applies to this. You don’t actually learn the meaning of the kanji/vocabulary, but the letter you assigned to it.



I used realkana too, but I physically said out loud what each one was before I typed it. I do the same thing here too, I say out loud what the word is in hiragana (even if it is asking for the english answer I still say the hiragana version)

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I’m not sure i catch your point here. It isn’t letter association. It is shorthand.

It really doesn’t take much to add the synonyms. Think of all that extra time you could have to write facetious comments online.


Nope. It’s just shorthand.

I reckon I shave at least half the time off my reviews without sacrificing accurate retention of meaning.

How could you know that?

And just out of curiosity, what is your overall accuracy?



Also - there is a script that brings up the item info whether your answer is right or wrong