Crunchyroll subs?

Does anyone know if there is a way to add Japanese subtitles to anime on Crunchyroll?

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Im using jimaku-player tampermonkey script for adding jp subtitles there, the script opens up a popup every time i open new episode of something asking me if i want to add subtitles file, when i select one it asks me for timing offset (i didnt need to offset anything yet, but if you are binging one series and have the same offset on all eps, it will remember the setting from last time, also possible to sync by selecting what you hear)

Its really taking only like 5sec per ep so not too bad and it has big benefit of being selectable text, so you can hover with yomichan or copy them directly (unlike built in subtitles you get normally)

You will however have to have subtitles file ready for this method (and im afraid i cant link to any sites providing them since that alone is also piracy i guess?)


for external source, besides kitsunekko, is there any other with subtitles being updated?

anime I am watching like gundam mercury and bleach are not updated anymore with latest episodes :frowning:

I use the Substital browser extension to do the same thing @Nirgan mentioned.

You can usually get the subtitle files from kitsunekko (if they are not available in SRT format, you’ll need to use a program to convert them for Substital as it only supports the SRT format).


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