Countdown to 紅白歌合戦 : Music Suggestions Welcome!

Anyone else excited for 紅白歌合戦 (Kohaku) this year?

Here’s a link to the Wikipedia if you’re not familiar with it. :smile:

Inspired by @omk3’s idea of a Japanese Advent Calendar 2022, I made a sort-of “countdown to Kohaku” advent calendar with mostly winter- and Christmas-themed songs (see list below) and was surprised that 4 of the artists whose songs I chose ended up being in this year’s Kohaku.

My Winter Song List
  1. [orion - 米津玄師] 【HD】BOOTLEG - 米津玄師 - orion【中日字幕】 - YouTube orion 歌詞 米津玄師 TVアニメ「3月のライオン」第2クールエンディングテーマ ふりがな付 - うたてん
  2. [memory of snow - fripside] Fripside - Memory of Snow (live) (자막첨부) - YouTube memory of snow 歌詞 fripSide ふりがな付 - うたてん
  3. [雪國 - 吉幾三] 雪国 吉幾三 - YouTube 雪國 歌詞 吉幾三 ふりがな付 - うたてん
  4. [Snow halation - μ’s] 【ラブライブ!】「Snow halation」ライブ映像(μ’s →NEXT LoveLive!2014 〜ENDLESS PARADE〜2月9日公演より) - YouTube Snow halation 歌詞 μ’s ラブライブ!キャラクターソング ふりがな付 - うたてん
  5. [シルシ - LiSA] LiSA - Shirushi - YouTube シルシ 歌詞 LiSA TVアニメ「ソードアート・オンラインⅡ」 エンディングテーマ ふりがな付 - うたてん
  6. [クリスマスキャロルの頃には-NORTH FLOW - MONKEY MAJIK × 稲垣潤一 × GAGLE] MONKEY MAJIK × 稲垣潤一 × GAGLE - クリスマスキャロルの頃には -NORTH FLOW-【Official Music Video】 - YouTube クリスマスキャロルの頃には -NORTH FLOW- 歌詞 MONKEY MAJIK ふりがな付 - うたてん
  7. [雪のクリスマス - DREAMS COME TRUE] DREAMS COME TRUE - 雪のクリスマス/リリックビデオ (from 吉田美和歌詩集「LOVE」) - YouTube 雪のクリスマス 歌詞 DREAMS COME TRUE ふりがな付 - うたてん
  8. [SNOW SOUND - [Alexandros]] [Alexandros] - SNOW SOUND (MV) - YouTube SNOW SOUND 歌詞 [Alexandros] JR東日本/JR SKISKI ふりがな付 - うたてん
  9. [Let It Go - 松たか子] 松たか子ver(日本語吹替版)「Let It Go」 - YouTube Let It Go~ありのままで~ 歌詞 松たか子 ふりがな付 - うたてん
  10. [Winter,again - GLAY] GLAY - Winter,again / THE FIRST TAKE - YouTube Winter,again 歌詞 GLAY ふりがな付 - うたてん
  11. [冬景色 - 石川さゆり] 津軽海峡 . 冬景色 / つがるかいきょう・ふゆげしき - 石川さゆり - YouTube 津軽海峡・冬景色 歌詞 石川さゆり ふりがな付 - うたてん
  12. [Burnin’ X’mas - T.M.Revolution] Burnin’ X’mas - YouTube Burnin’ X’mas 歌詞 T.M.Revolution ふりがな付 - うたてん
  13. [涙雪 - Sonar Pocket] ソナーポケット「涙雪」【MV Full】 - YouTube 涙雪 歌詞 Sonar Pocket ふりがな付 - うたてん
  14. [melt - SennaRin] SennaRin「melt」Music Video(アニメ『銀河英雄伝説 Die Neue These 激突』テーマソング) - YouTube melt 歌詞 SennaRin ふりがな付 - うたてん
  15. [恋する雪 愛する空 - CHEMISTRY] CHEMISTRY “恋する雪 愛する空” Official Video - YouTube 恋する雪 愛する空 歌詞 CHEMISTRY ふりがな付 - うたてん
  16. [この夢が醒めるまで feat.吉田兄弟 - 加藤ミリヤ] 加藤ミリヤ 『この夢が醒めるまで feat.吉田兄弟』 - YouTube この夢が醒めるまで feat.吉田兄弟 歌詞 加藤ミリヤ TVアニメ「ましろのおと」 エンディングテーマ ふりがな付 - うたてん
  17. [海雪 - ジェロ] 海雪 ジェロ - YouTube 海雪 歌詞 ジェロ ふりがな付 - うたてん
  18. [愛しさにリボンをかけて - Little Glee Monster] Little Glee Monster - 愛しさにリボンをかけて / THE FIRST TAKE - YouTube 愛しさにリボンをかけて 歌詞 Little Glee Monster 「コカ・コーラ」ウィンターキャンペーン CMソング ふりがな付 - うたてん
  19. [冬空 - 三代目 J Soul Brothers from EXILE TRIBE] 【歌詞付き】 冬空/三代目 J SOUL BROTHERS from EXILE TRIBE - YouTube 冬空 歌詞 三代目 J Soul Brothers from EXILE TRIBE ふりがな付 - うたてん
  20. [柊 - Do As Infinity] Do As Infinity / 柊(Hiiragi) - YouTube 柊 歌詞 Do As Infinity ふりがな付 - うたてん
  21. [Wish - 嵐] Wish - YouTube WISH 歌詞 嵐 TBS系ドラマ 花より男子 主題歌 ふりがな付 - うたてん
  22. [クリスマスソング - back number] Back Number - Christmas Song ( クリスマスソング ) || Lyric & Terjemahan - YouTube クリスマスソング 歌詞 back number ドラマ 5→9~私に恋したお坊さん~ 主題歌 ふりがな付 - うたてん
  23. [冬が終わる前に - 清水翔太] 清水翔太-冬が終わる前に - YouTube 冬が終わる前に 歌詞 清水翔太 ふりがな付 - うたてん
  24. [メリクリ - BoA] BoA - メリクリ - YouTube メリクリ 歌詞 BoA ドラマ 黒蜥蜴 EDテーマ ふりがな付 - うたてん
  25. [White wishes - 9nine] 9nine-White wishes Dance Shot ver mirror - YouTube White Wishes 歌詞 9nine となりの怪物くん ED ふりがな付 - うたてん
  26. [Kissin’ Christmas(クリスマスだからじゃない) - 桑田佳祐] kissin'Christmas(クリスマスだからじゃない) - YouTube Kissin' Christmas(クリスマスだからじゃない) 歌詞 桑田佳祐 ふりがな付 - うたてん
  27. [スノーマジックファンタジー - SEKAI NO OWARI] SEKAI NO OWARI スノーマジックファンタジー - YouTube スノーマジックファンタジー 歌詞 SEKAI NO OWARI ふりがな付 - うたてん
  28. [雪風 - スピッツ] スピッツ・雪風 (cat / doodle) - YouTube 雪風 歌詞 スピッツ ドラマ 不便な便利屋 エンディングテーマ ふりがな付 - うたてん
  29. [細雪 - 和楽器バンド] 和楽器バンド / 細雪(MUSIC VIDEO -New Version-) - YouTube 細雪 歌詞 和楽器バンド 映画 恋のしずく 主題歌 ふりがな付 - うたてん
  30. [雪の華 - 中島美嘉] 中島美嘉 『雪の華』 MUSIC VIDEO - YouTube 雪の華 歌詞 中島美嘉 ふりがな付 - うたてん
  31. [365日 - Mr.Children] - YouTube 365日 歌詞 Mr.Children NTT東日本・NTT西日本CFタイアップソング ふりがな付 - うたてん

The list of participating artists is available on the NHK site:

Anyone else have any favorite artists appearing this year, or songs you’d recommend?


Though the group I’m a fan of (嵐, which I spot on your list of songs!) won’t be there as in many previous years, they got me into watching Kouhaku and I now watch it every year. :heart::white_heart:

Looking at the list of performers, I’m looking forward to Perfume, ゆず, and なにわ男子, but I also just like seeing the familiar faces and the new faces. :blush: And then, too, it’s so long that I can blithely skip through the artists I don’t like as much. :grin:


Ahh, yeah, so sad about 嵐 breaking up. :sob: If you haven’t seen it already, maybe check out the Netflix movie about them. The members talk a lot about their journey and the history of the group.

Perfume always does a really good show!

ゆず and なにわ男子 are both new to me. Any particular songs by them you would recommend checking out?

Some artists really have a mix of song tone, like for Aimer, I really like her slower songs like (きみ)()つ:

But she’s probably most famous for 残響散歌(ざんきょうさんか) which was used in the 鬼滅(きめつ)(やいば) (Demon Slayer) anime:


Yay, Aimer is singing this year! Praise the sun! \(^o^)/


This is my first time to actually hear about Kohaku Uta Gassen! Thank you so much for enlightening me! I am such a newb! Is there a way I can watch this even if I don’t have cable? Do they stream it on the web too?? I’m in a panic right now thinking I might miss it!

I love Aimer as well who you’ve already mentioned and I also like her slower quieter songs. I’m extremely happy to see two of my other favorites on the list too: Vaundy and Gen Hoshino.

Vaundy is such a good producer and so young at that. Watched him live too and he’s a good performer! I like most of his songs and am really excited to see more of his work and how he’ll grow into his music. I also saw that the song he produced with Milet x Aimer x 幾田りら is on the list titled おもかげ. That was on repeat for me for maybe a week or two when I first heard it on First Take. And also on my list of Japanese songs to sing at karaoke!

Gen Hoshino has been in the scene for a while, but honestly only found out about him from SpyxFamily. Again I am a bit embarrassed about that. Honestly have only expanded my listening to other genres other than things I hear from anime only recently. Since I discovered him from there, I’ve been listening to all his songs and have not found a single one I disliked.

On 新時代

I don’t want to sound too cheeky but randomly encountering Uta/Ado-さん’s 新時代 was the best thing that happened to me these past few months! Gave me so much goosebumps on my first listen, went on to listen to the other music featured in the movie, and got hooked.

I normally don’t care about shounen anime nor would I ever dare to catch up to the latest One Piece chapter/episode, but I did watch the movie (luckily got to a one-time-only rerun just last 3 December) and it was an experience I’ll never forget! Hearing the music in the theater was breathtaking! I didn’t care much about the battle sequences, but the music, oh the music, was (and still is) just…amazing.

Pardon, will hide this as I’m now just fangirling.

I’m surprised this is Aimer’s first Kohaku! I have a playlist of her songs that I keep on adding to as I continually discover more music!


I’m not living in Japan currently, either, so I’m planning on trying to watch with MujiTV (and if that doesn’t work, adding TVJapan to cable is my backup plan – I did it last year and it worked great but then I forgot to cancel it for 3 months). I think you can also watch it on NHK plus with a VPN. I haven’t tried that for Kohaku, but a couple Japanese sites mention it’s doable and I did just test with what’s on now and I could watch with a VPN. There is also the issue that watching it live could be difficult depending on your time zone as it airs on 12/31 from 7:20pm to 11:45pm Japan time.

I’m hoping whichever method I end up with I can also record it and watch parts of it at more convenient times for me. :laughing:


I love kohaku uta gassen!! My new year’s eve routine now is to order in sushi and sake, set up a temporary kotatsu with a feast on it & watch kohaku uta gassen. I love the enka acts, especially hosokawa takashi, whom I don’t think is on this year. My minimal ability of the Japanese language means I normally have no idea what’s going on in kohaku.

For anyone who hasn’t seen it, or is unsure aobut enka: Check out these two bangers from kohaku one year:

If you watch it, stick around until 3mins when Hosokawa Takeshi arrives and belts out Nebuta with an absolute spectacle around him! The whole show is 4 hours of that. :smiley:

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Ahh, agreed! Enka isn’t always my favorite, but I almost always love the ones chosen for Kohaku.

My favorite is probably the 津軽海峡冬景色(つがるかいきょう) that I had on my winter playlist, but there have been a lot of really good ones over the years!

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Well the ‘Love & Peace’, 73rd running of Kohaku Uta Gassen is over! …my favorite song this year was definitely this one by Fuyumi Sakamoto (坂本冬美):

[【坂本冬美】「お祭りマンボ」で日本のお祭りが集結!演奏はスカパラ!【紅白】|NHK - YouTube](

I will absolutely be trying to sing that if I ever find it on a karaoke machine. It almost has too many words to fit the melody. :smiley:

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Aimer was great! I’d never heard of her.

[【Aimer】「残響散歌」ド派手に行くぜ‼『鬼滅の刃』遊郭編OPテーマを熱唱!【紅白】|NHK - YouTube]


I think my favorite song this year was あいみょん:

(longer version here: あいみょん - 君はロックを聴かない 【OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO】 - YouTube)

But the stage setting for the Fuyumi Sakamoto (坂本冬美) one was AMAZING.

I also really like the Official髭男dism performance:

and I didn’t love the song, but 氷川きよし riding on the phoenix robot was crazy!


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