Commenting on the kanji/vocab/radical-items?

Sorry if this was already discussed, I couldn’t find it using the search though.

Is there a reason why we can’t discuss each learning item?
Like in duolingo where we can click on an icon on each word and go to a discussion page for it? I find it very useful and you can learn some interesting things in those discussions.



If you find a kanji/vocab/radical you would like to discuss, struggle with or want to know more about the simple solution is to use the search option. Just write them and let the search result lead the way.
By this time I’m pretty sure you’d find most of them being referred to in some context in the community.

While that’s true, it could useful to have a pinned post somewhere with easy references to everything :thinking:
But I’m not crazy enough to try to do it myself

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There used to be a script that did something in the realm of what you’re possibly looking for. I think it was called community mnemonics or something like that, unfortunately it hasn’t worked in a long time though and the author appears to be gone and unable to update it.


I’m crazy enough but I won’t try to do it myself

Practice wise it would be counterproductive to have it pinned.
However it could be a way for people to squash their leeches - making a list of all the posts discussing a leech is bound to burn it on your retina for the end of eternity… :flushed:

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