Correct answer

I’m brand new so i’m sure i am missing something here, but wasn’t that the correct answer?


You’re close, but you should be using the small ゆ right there:

にゅう instead of にゆう
(nyuu) instead of (niyuu)


Oo…ooh, that makes sense. I guess i should first finish my hiragana lessons, as i only got over main hiragana and dakuten, didn’t learn combinations. Thanks for quick help though.

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it’s probably a good idea to finish your hiragana lessons, but also your katakana lessons - as you will have to answer readings about katakana not just kanji here on WK (not as often though). So, finish this, let it sink in and make the knowledge yours. Then move on to kanij, as it is a very good way to go about it. Let each stage sink in, as you don’t wanna overload yourself with new information! :slight_smile:


this should help :relieved:
and welcome!


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